We run not-for-profit clubs too!

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Who are we?

We’re a small group of people working in the web industry who are also involved with not-for-profit clubs in our local communities.  Using our technical know-how we created a web app to make club administration easier for us and for our friends. It worked out to be very useful, so we created a publically available web service for others to use also. 

Clubs of all types have to deal with the same basic admin tasks;   payment collection, attendance recordingrecord keeping and (within the EU) GDPR compliance.

With subsninja we have created a neat and secure software application that club owners/administrators can use on a mobile phone to manage these common admin tasks while at the club.  

SubsNinja we feel is perfect for people who run clubs offering regular classes in any community who need a small membership management app that gets the job done without breaking the bank or being complex to use.

We now have club owners on SunsNinja who run Dance classes, Gymnastics clubs, Social Clubs, Aikido classes, Swimming clubs, Karate clubs, Kettlebell classes, Weightloss & Fitness classes, Taekwondo and Climbing classes in clubs located in Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the US.

It does not matter where you are located or what type of club you operate, SubsNinja is up to the job of helping you stabilise revenue and seriously reduce your admin overhead.

Just enough functionality in your hand

We’re big believers in keeping complexity to a minimum and solving the primary problems well. Being able to do the key admin tasks comfortably on a phone while in the club was a priority for us. We continue to focus on utility of function and ease-of-use for our users as we push development of new features forward. 

Investing in customer-driven improvement

Our promise to users is that we will listen and drive development so that SubsNinja continues to improve and be a club management tool that you rely on.  Our goals are:-

to provide a great tool supported by great customer service,
to innovate with the help of our users and
(3) to keep growing our user community.

Our Business Model & Ethos

To keep SubsNinja operating we charge for use of the service. Our monthly data storage/service charge is low and is linked to the number of "active" members you have, keeping cost in line with the activity and membership level of your club. If you are a small club or a start-up we won't charge a monthly service charge until you have more than ten active members onboard. We will collect a small fee (1%) on online transactions to cover some of the costs of operating the service. 

SubsNinja is an ethically run project and our goal is to be socially responsible and fair to our users. We are keenly aware that a lot of clubs are run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. The SubsNinja software we feel is a great new tool for club administration that is easy to set-up and use, helping to stabilise club revenue, saving valuable owners time and worth every cent.

Attentive and Responsive support for our customers

If you need to connect with someone in customer support, we have provided a handy support request form on our Customer Support page for our customers that integrates directly into our support team/trouble ticketing system. This is monitored at all times and is the quickest way to get your question answered. Alternatively you can drop an email to support@subsninja.com and we’ll respond to you as quick as we can.

Not yet a customer?

If you have a general inquiry or would like a demo before trying, please send an email to us at mailbox@subsninja.com and we'll set this up with you.

Why we are a good fit to help you manage your club

 - We run our own clubs
 - We use this software ourselves
 - We are improving it every month
 - We are an ethical and socially responsible company
 - We respect (and will protect) your members absolute right to data privacy and security.
 - We comply fully with EU GDPR privacy legislation.
 - We can provide you with a GDPR compliance contract.
 - We use end-to-end SSL encryption to protect online privacy
 - We use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for all payments.  
 - We are committed to this project for the long term. 

Thank you for reading our story

We would love to have you as a user. We don't require you to enter any credit card details to take up your 60-day free trial and if you are just starting your club, we won't charge a service fee (after your trial) until you have at least eleven active members on your books. Lastly, If you like what we are doing, please pass our details to friends and acquaintances.  Thank you.   

Start your free trial now! 
  No obligations, No Contracts, No credit card required.