Keeping costs low

for not-for-profit, voluntary & small clubs

✔️ What you get...

  • Comprehensive Members Database 
  • Guardians Database (Child members)
  • Roll Call / Attendance Recording
  • Grade/Rank/Level Recording
  • Competitive Achievement Recording
  • Payments Recording
  • Incident Recording
  • Payments Management
  • Automated Monthly Billing (Credit/Debit Card)
  • Online Registration confirmation
  • Email Notifications
  • Members Login Area
  • STRIPE integration (for Card Payments)
  • Responsive Customer Support

low cost membership management software

for only 50 Cent per "active" member per month

Start your 60-day free trial

  No obligations, No contracts, No credit card required 

Are you a Start-up or Small club?

if you have 10 members or less you go FREE*

*No Service Charge will be applied

Common Questions

Free Service for small/start-up clubs?

We know that new and small clubs need all the help they can get. So we won't levy a service charge on any clubs with 10 members or less. (you do have to add your card details after your free trial has expired to keep your account active, but we will only start applying a service charge when your member numbers grow above 10, and then we will only charge you for "active" members)

What are "active" members?
We understand that every club's income is dependent upon members who attend and pay regularly (active members).  If you have members on your books who are taking a break, injured and can't train, you can mark these as "inactive" in your members' database and we won't charge you for them. 

Do I need to give you credit card details to avail of the 60-day free trial?
Absolutely not. We don't ask for credit card details for taking up a free trial. If you want to continue after your trial is over, you can enter card details then. If not, you can cancel, no questions asked.

What if I need more than 60 days?
We'll give you more time if you need it. Just contact us and we'll happily extend your trial.

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. There is no long-term contract or obligation. You can cancel at any time.

More questions?
We'd be happy to answer them.