Interview with Joe Thambu shihan

Our chief ninja Jer talks with Joe Thambu shihan about how a club website can become a key driver for new footfall at the dojo. 

It takes a small bit of know-how and consistant effort 

Jer speaks about his role as an administrator and webmaster of the Dublin Tomiki Aikido club website ( and shares some knowledge about how to prepare a club website and the activities needed to improve search engine ranking that brings more enquiries and a regular flow of new students to the dojo.

Joe Thambu shihan (8th Dan) is a well know and highly respected sensei, founder and chief instructor of Aikido Shudokan in Melbourne Australia and a founder and Shuseki Shihan of Aikido Shudokan International. Joe sensei is somewhat of a pioneer in the use of online video communication, and online education in the aikido world with his project .

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