Collect & Record member
payments and track arrears 

Club fees collectionSupporting Credit/Debit Card & Cash Payments

With SubsNinja you can easily manage the collection of class fees or membership subscriptions and keep track of who is late with payment. There are two billing support methods available to you:-

– Automated monthly payments (Credit/Debit Card)
– Manual per class payments (Cash or Cheque)

Once you have created your products, you can assign them to individual members and SubsNinja will help you keep track of what's paid and what's owed.

club membership payment collection
Automated monthly Credit/Debit Card payment collection

If you use our automated monthly Credit/Debit card payment collection, fees are collected and recorded automatically, making this the most efficient way to collect subscriptions and maintain payment records for your Club. All payments are made via card are lodged to your bank account via our payment processing partner Stripe.

SARS-Cov-2 / COVID 19 NoticeIn the current pandemic, cashless payment collection is strongly recommended to avoid unecessary risk of infection transmission.

club payments record keeping applicationRecording manual Cash / Cheque payments 

If someone pays you with cash or cheque for class fees, you can enter it manually into their account on the system. The simplest way to do this is via the Roll-Call function (Cash Payment) during class.

Subs Dashboard

  • See monthly payments receipts,
  • See monthly payment failures,
  • Retry Failed Payments,
  • See running arrears total,
  • Drill through to who is late, what their arrears are and their payment record.
  • ..and more