Collects & Records member
payments and tracks arrears 

Club fees collectionSupporting Credit/Debit Card Payments

With SubsNinja you can easily automate the collection of class fees, membership subscriptions and keep track of who has not paid.

Once you have created your products, you can assign them to individual members and SubsNinja will help you keep track of what's paid and what's owed.

club membership payment collection
Automated monthly fee collection.

With monthly card payment collection, class subscriptions can be collected and recorded automatically each month, regardless of attendance, making this the most efficient way to collect class fees and stabilise revenue for your Club. All card transactions are processed securely by Stripe (our payment processing partner) and lodged to your bank account.

Automated per-class fee collection

If you have setup members on a per-class fee basis, then we will automatically bill these members when you mark them as attended in the ROLL CALL using the card details they supplied when onboarding.

club payments record keeping applicationManual Cash / Cheque payments 

Lodging cash or cheques is a pain, however, if a member pays you with cash you can enter a record of it manually to keep their account up-to-date. The simplest way to do this is via the Roll-Call function (Cash Payment) during class, or you can do it from the members database payments link.

Subs Dashboard

  • See monthly payment receipts,
  • See monthly payment failures,
  • Retry Failed Payments,
  • Make Refunds
  • See running Arrears total,
  • Drill through to causes of payment failures, arrears and payment records.
  • ..and more