Per Class Billing

new product type for billing 

Product Types

There are now three product types (billing methods) available for attachment to a members account to help you automate payment collection.

  • Yearly Recurring
  • Monthly Recurring
  • Per Class (*new)


Yearly Recurring
This product type allows you to setup a product to be billed to a member on a given date in a given month, every year. This product type is useful to automate a members Annual Insurance payment, or a members annual Association Membership fee, or your annual membership fees.

Monthly Recurring

This product type allows for the automated billing of class fees/subs on a particular date every month, and is a hassle free way of collecting members class fees on a regular monthly basis.

Per Class (NEW*)

This product type was added for clubs that operate on a 'Per Class' payment policy. (i.e. only charge members when they attend class) but who would like to be able to collect this payment in an automated way via card to make the best use of subsninja admin features.

one-click per class billing

How it works:- 
When members are onboarded they submit their card details for future billing. Every time you mark a member's attendance in a class (via Roll-Call) subsninja schedules a payment to be collected from their card. 

Note:  per class payments are not taken immediately so that any mistakes in roll-call can be easily corrected in time to avoid incorrect payment requests.

Collecting per-class fees in this way, (rather than by cash) make it easier to get paid, ensures that payment records are updated automatically in your clubs subsninja account, and is much less hassle than handling cash and remembering to manually record transactions afterwards. It's also handy for members not to have to bring cash to class, remember to pay etc.