Why use SubsNinja?

 I already use a spreadsheet 

Spreadsheets are great 

If you are using an office application like a spreadsheet to store member data to help you manage your club admin, its a step in the right direction. However, before long you will find that it is cumbersome to use in your club on a small screen or mobile phone and a lot of work in keeping records up-to-date, adjusting and amending formulas etc.

There is a better way...

here are a few pros for using SubsNinja 


SubsNinja Club Membership Management Software Service was built:-

  • from the ground up for use on mobile
  • by people who run not-for-profit clubs to do the important basics well
  • to allow you to collect membership subscription payments by credit card
  • to automate subs collection each month
  • to hold an extensive members database 
  • to record cash payments
  • to keep track of member arrears
  • to log member attendance easily
  • to record members progression
  • to store club data securely in the cloud
  • to allow access to members data from anywhere on any device
  • to help club administrators comply better with GDPR.
  • to help club management comply with child protection legislation
  • to free up time better spent on growing the club
  • to allow assistants to record attendance and incident data
  • to allow members and guardians to access their data as needed
  • ...and more. 



Ok, but I can't afford it right now

Are you sure? .. 

  • If you have less than eleven (11) members then you can use SubsNinja for free.
  • There is a 60 day, no risk, free trial, plenty of time to check it out without incurring a financial cost.
  • As your club grows above 11 members, you are only charged 50cent per member per month
  • You are only charged for "active" members. (you are not charged for members in your database that are inactive)


SubsNinja; built with not-for-profit and small clubs in mind

We found that most club membership management software out there was too expensive, was bloated with features we did not want and not catering efficiently to the basic needs of smaller clubs. So we built our own. We use it. It helps us greatly and we know it will be of help to you. Importantly, it is our users who contribute to its improvement and future development. We hope you join the SubsNinja community and help drive the development of this project and keep it sustainable for all small club owners and administrators.

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