Help Notes

and frequently asked questions

Will we be charged when our trial is up?
No credit card details are required for your free trial. If you want to continue using SubsNinja after 60 days you will need to enter card details. If you don't, you can cancel your account, no questions asked.

Is it true that I won't be charged if I have 10 members or less?
If you have less than eleven members we won't levy a service charge. Once you go over ten members you will be charged the 50 cent rate for "active" members in your database only.

Do you accept payment by Cheque or Bank Transfer?
No. Time-consuming administration is something we strive to avoid for our customers and for ourselves. We have built a self-managing credit/debit card billing system for the convenience of our users and for ourselves.

Can we cancel at any time?
There's no minimum contract period, you can cancel at any time. No payments will be charged after cancellation.

Do you have a refund policy?
We endeavor to treat our customers fairly so If you’re ever unhappy with SubsNinja, for any reason, just contact our support team and we'll see if we can do something for you.

We are charged only for "active" members?
Yes. In all clubs, members sometimes stop attending for a number of reasons; illness, injury, family situations, travel, work, etc. We understand this and allow you to make a member "inactive" so that can they can be excluded from your billing cycle and excluded from our monthly charge to you. This allows you to retain their data for as long as you need to, without adding to your monthly costs.

When you change the status of a member to "inactive":-

(a) You will not be charged for that member
(b) Automated monthly payments will not be collected from that member (or associated guardian).
(c) Attendance and cash payments cannot be recorded for that member

There are some restrictions with respect to making members "inactive" as follows: 

(1) You can change a member's status to inactive twice only in any 6 month period.
(2) Only two members can be changed to inactive in any month

Collecting membership subscriptions automatically.

The most efficient way to collect subs for your club is by using the automated monthly credit/debit card billing function built into SubsNinja. To ensure maximum security for all parties, SubsNinja uses Stripe to securely process all card payments. To start accepting card payments from your members you will need to first create a Stripe account, or connect an existing Stripe account. Once you have connected a Stripe account, the option to start accepting subs payment by card will be instantly enabled on your account. To get started, just click the 'Connect with Stripe' button displayed in your "System Settings" page, and you will be walked through the process for opening a Stripe account, or connecting an existing one.

Why do I need an account with Stripe?
Using Stripe to process online payments means that transactions can be processed without either you or SubsNinja needing to handle any sensitive card information. Stripe handles the entire transaction and just passes the money on to you. In order to do this, you need a Stripe account so that they know where to send the money. Once you have an account, however, you can then log into Stripe to see statistical information, and make use of all the other benefits of having a Stripe account.

Who is Stripe?
Stripe is a company specializing in enabling online payments. Founded by Limerick brothers John and Patrick Collison, Stripe is trusted by thousands of companies and is currently valued at $3.5 billion. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. 

Do I need to have a business in order to open a Stripe account?
No, you do not need to be a business or a company to open a Stripe account. If you don't have a separate entity and operate a club by yourself, you have a "sole proprietorship". When you activate your account, just choose the appropriate option for you. If you later create a formal business entity, it's easy to update your Stripe account to reflect your new status.

What fees apply for online transactions?
Stripe fees are 1.4% + 25c per successful charge + VAT for all European cards and 2.90% + 25c for all non-European cards. A 1% commission fee on transaction charges is collected by SubsNinja to cover banking fees.  Any small commission payments we receive will appear on your monthly service charge receipt for your reference.

How long does it take for Stripe to transfer money to my account?
Stripe payments are processed instantly, and the money can be seen and accessed from your Stripe account. Stripe then transfers money into your bank account on a rolling basis daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference. When you open an account, the default setting is weekly, but you can easily change that to daily from your account settings in Stripe. Log into Stripe, got to account settings > Transfers > Transfer schedule > Change Schedule. 

Can I use SubsNinja on a Cash Only basis?
Yes. If you only collect cash or cheque payments from your members you can record these payments manually into SubsNinja to keep your payments records/arrears information updated. However, if you use the automated monthly card payment option for collecting subs payments,  your transactions are updated automatically to your SubsNinja account saving you a lot of unnecessary manual admin.

Can you import my members into SubsNinja from a spreadsheet?
Yes, we provide a data import service for anyone setting up a Subsninja account that has their members' database in a spreadsheet or export file from other software.  As everyone has different data structures and requirements, please contact us to arrange the secure transfer of your data file and we will import it into your new account.

What if I have more questions?
We'd be happy to answer them. Click on Customer Support.